2017. október 15., vasárnap

The Inner Studio, Tenth Street

William Merritt Chase (American, 1849-1916) - The Inner Studio, Tenth Street, c.1881-82 (Oil on canvas. Huntington Library) - - Chase became a fixture in cosmopolitan New York, occupying a lavishly and exotically appointed studio in the celebrated Tenth Street Studio Building. The bold brushwork Chase had learned in Munich always stayed with him, but shortly after arriving in New York, he abandoned the bituminous dark tones that had also characterized his early style.

2017. szeptember 24., vasárnap

Stela from the Tomb of a Noblewoman

In ancient Egypt, a tomb was not simply a place for the burial of remains, but rather the site of quite literal rebirth. Here, the individual’s soul was born again, into the afterlife. But surprisingly, the ancient Egyptians believed that to make this rebirth possible for a woman, it was necessary that she briefly turn into a man, in order to conceive the fetus of her reborn self. Guided by new research inspired in part by feminist scholarship, our collection exhibition A Woman’s Afterlife: Gender Transformation in Ancient Egypt explores how this process was thought to take place.
Though rebirth in the tomb required gender transformation for women, in the next world women lived forever returned to their original state. In this very ancient and rare Early Dynastic Period stela, a noblewoman is seated at an offering table, able to eat and drink for all eternity. The demands of rebirth are long past and will not be faced again. For the Egyptians, people were reborn only once. There was no further reincarnation beyond the next world. - Stela from the Tomb of a Noblewoman, c.2675-2170 B.C.E. Limestone. Brooklyn Museum.

2017. szeptember 22., péntek

Dusty Button in Rubies

Dusty Button in Rubies, Boston Ballet, May 2014. - Replacing Whitney Jensen on opening night in the role of the Tall Girl, Dusty Button was excellent, her perfect Balanchine body (long limbs, small head, long neck) ideal for the part.