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Sir James Jebusa Shannon (Anglo-American, 1862-1923) – Flora, 1922 (Oil on canvas. Glasgow Museums Resource Centre) - Shannon studied in London during the 1880s and remained there, enjoying success as a society portraitist and figure painter. (In 1922 he renounced his United States citizenship in order to accept a knighthood).

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Woman at the Piano with Cockatoo

Gustave Léonard de Jonghe (Belgian, 1829-1893) - Woman at the Piano with Cockatoo, c.1870 (Oil on panel) - “M. de Jonghe possesses a valuable quality, one which the schools of Antwerp and Brussels have sometimes too much sacrificed to the seductions of effect; we mean the quality of sentiment, without which Art is nothing more than a carcass grandly adorned.” – The Art Journal of London, 1866

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The Female Artists

Charles Boom (Belgian, 1858-1939) - The Female Artists, 1887 (Oil on canvas) - When painting historical scenes, Charles Boom favored sixteenth century settings. Yet his genre paintings, for which he was also known, depict subjects closer to his own time. This painting, showing Boom’s fellow artists practicing from plaster casts, may have been influenced by his days as an art student and, later, as a teacher at the Anvers Academy.