2017. december 3., vasárnap

Amy Winehouse

Without you, a misery,
Blue with a migraine,
All the songs sound better when you’re next to me,
Hey, coz they come naturally - Amy Winehouse - - Mr. Magic

2017. december 1., péntek

Models Resting

Félix Vallotton (Swiss-born French, 1865-1925) - Models Resting, 1905 (Oil on canvas. Kunstmuseum Winterthur) - - In 1899 Vallotton married Gabrielle Rodrigues-Henriques, a wealthy young widow with three children, and in 1900 he attained French citizenship. Around 1899, his printmaking activity diminished as he concentrated on painting, developing a sober, often bitter realism independently of the artistic mainstream.

2017. november 25., szombat

A Sunny Nook

Rupert Bunny (Australian, 1864-1947) - A Sunny Nook, c.1913 (Oil on canvas. National Gallery of Victoria) - - Bunny’s depictions of his wife Jeanne and her friends typified the elegance, fashionable frills and glamour of the seemingly endless summer that was the belle époque. These works, that became the most commercially and critically successful works of Bunny’s career.